See tabs below for information on real estate forms, how to sign up for DotLoop and/or ZipLogix and different online membership forms.


Real estate forms are used for writing real estate contracts or to assist in the process of completing a real estate transaction. The majority are published by a number of REALTOR® sources and are made available only to SMAR, Maryland REALTORS® or NAR members.  They are protected by copyright and provided by REALTORS® for use by REALTORS®.  SMAR members are encouraged to use forms provided by Maryland REALTORS® whenever possible.  In those cases where Maryland REALTORS® supplied forms do not fulfill needs specific to SMAR, the association provides its own custom forms and addenda.

Are you a REALTOR® but not a member of SMAR looking for our forms? Forms specific to our area are posted here on Maryland REALTORS® website after logging in. SMAR honors forms reciprocity with other local associations as long as the person requesting the forms is a REALTOR® in good standing.

For SMAR Members - Our forms are available via the following:

  1. DotLoop- an electronic forms software.  See tab above for more info. (Premium features available to SMAR Members!)
  2. ZipForms- an electronic forms software provide as an NAR Member Benefit.  See tab above for more info.
  3. Maryland REALTORS®'s Website - downloadable PDF's available after logging in

Please note: SMAR Staff are not REALTORS® and DO NOT KNOW,  NOR CAN THEY RECOMMEND, what forms you need.  Please consult your broker.

Technical Support/Training

Sign Up Instructions

To take advantage of DotLoop Premium and access SMAR & MAR forms, follow these instructions:

  1. Create an Account OR Login to
  2. Hover over the circle in the upper right hand corner with your initials (or profile pic if set) and select "My Account."
  3. Select “Profiles” from the left-hand menu.
  4. Scroll to “Company and Associations.”
  5. Select “Add Association.”
  6.  Southern Maryland Association of REALTORS®.
  7. Select Southern Maryland Association of REALTORS® and click Add.
  8. Enter your NAR (NRDS) ID to verify your eligibility to access the SMAR forms.
  9. Repeat for the MAR forms – search for Maryland Association of REALTORS®.  If prompted, enter your NAR (NRDS) ID to verify your eligibility to access MAR forms.

What is DotLoop?

peoplework, not paperwork.

dotloop links people, documents and tasks to help you work better, together. It’s easy, it’s hassle-free and it’s everything you need in one place.

Know where things stand, always.
  • Start off with a loop. Loops are online workplaces, which you can use for home sales, apartment rentals, expense reports or anything else. You name it, you can loop it.
  • Work confidently in the loop knowing there are no loose ends. dotloop offers all the tools you need to collaborate in real time, start to finish.
  • Safe and secure, your data is encrypted and stored in the cloud, meaning you’ll always have access to everything you need.
Eliminate the back and forth.
  • End paperwork ping-pong now and forever. With an entire project on one page, nothing gets lost and everyone always knows where to go.
  • Respect others time and your own by bringing your team, clients and other parties into a loop. Everyone can share documents, collaborate and set up to-do lists to stay in sync.
Your team, clients, service providers – everyone you need, together at last.
  • With dotloop’s patented technology, everyone in a loop is equally empowered to get the deal done in an easy, secure and confidential way.
  • No matter who starts a loop, dotloop protects your privacy. No one can see what you add until you share it, and no one can see who you collaborate with.
eSignatures & negotiations done
  • Stop emailing and uploading huge PDFs. Just add your documents to your loop, then share them for esignatures or negotiations.
  • Edits you make are done in private until you are ready to share them with the other party.
  • eSignatures are easy, legally binding and secure.

Data Privacy Policy

Dotloop has issued the following corporate statement on December 7, 2015 regarding their data privacy policy:

Since our acquisition by Zillow Group, there have been some question about how your data would now be protected. Our data privacy has always been a top priority for us here at dotloop, and that has not changed. That’s why, we are introducing the dotloop data privacy guarantee. This new guarantee, builds upon our existing privacy policy, stating that dotloop customers own all their data and dotloop will not use the data without customers’ permission. The dotloop data privacy guarantee affirms that:

  • dotloop customers own the data they put into dotloop. This includes all customer data, from user information to transaction data.
  • dotloop will not use this data as part of other Zillow Group products or services unless customers have given us permission to do so. This covers all Zillow Group businesses.
  • dotloop does not disclose customer data except where required by law or authorized by the customers in question.

This guarantee applies to all data previously entered in dotloop as well as data entered in dotloop moving forward. If you have any questions regarding the dotloop data privacy guarantee, I encourage you to please contact your success manager. Thank you for your continued support. And happy looping! Dustin Abney VP, DotLoop Customer Experience

SMAR’s Library of Real Estate Forms may be easily accessed in ZipForms!

  • For NEW Single Account Usersclick here and select “Sign Up Now” for NEW MEMBERS ONLY. Members will be taken through the steps on establishing their new NAR benefits!!
  • Members who are in a brokerage account (a zipForm account with 2 or more users) will be contacted by their sales representative to establish communication and educate them on the NAR benefits and provide any additional details if necessary. More information is provided below on Brokerage Accounts.
  • Training – use the following links to access:

Find out more about the NAR Benefit here

Please contact ZipLogix for questions - click here for ZipLogix contact Info

ZipLogix Brokerage Account Info

Brokerage accounts are handled differently than single user accounts. The NAR Benefit covers single user accounts. If interested, brokers may request a brokerage account (2 or more users) for their office here and click “sign up now” to submit your information. Once credentials are filled out, a sales representative will contact the broker and setup their brokerage account. There may be additional fees for a brokerage account which will be reviewed by the ZipLogix Sales Representatives.

If you have FEEDBACK for a specific form, please fill out the form below.

Please be as specific and professional as possible in describing the issue. Your feedback will be presented to the SMAR Forms Committee for consideration. A Forms Committee member may contact you for more information.

REALTORS® (agents & supervisors) use this form for the following:

  • Change in license status – including transferring office & placing a license in referral or inactive
  • Updating personal information including home mailing and physical addresses.


For use to update or add office information including address and personnel contact information.

Sentrilock Subcribers are free to buy, sell or give lock boxes they own to other REALTORS®.  The new owners of the lock boxes must take "ownership." Here is what you need to know:

  1. The current owner of the lock boxes must contact SMAR to authorize the ownership transfer. An email may be sent using this link. 
  2. The new owner of the lock boxes must be an active subscriber in good standing to SMAR Sentrilock services.
  3. One of the parties involved in the transfer submits the form below to SMAR.